Why You Should Use Fiber Cement Siding

The types of siding materials used in a building include the following wood, vinyl siding, and fibre cement. Most people value the wood siding due to its aesthetic look. This makes it more expensive as compared to the other siding materials. Apart from the high cost, this material requires routine maintenance and care. Wood should be painted and treated regularly to prevent some of the common problems that affect it. Wood siding can become weak once termites attack it. Termites are known for eating the wood siding leading to significant damage. Furthermore, wood is also susceptible to mildew and mould growth which is caused by moisture. Both moulds and mildew can permeate your wood siding if it is not protected properly.

Advantages of using fibre cement siding

Low cost

The cost of fibre cement siding material is less than that of the natural wood siding, but it is more expensive when compared to  vinyl siding. This siding comes in different styles and colours. These styles include vertical, horizontal and the shingle-style siding. Fibre cement siding is also available in different patterns such as stucco and wood grain.

More versatile

The fibre cement siding materials are more versatile as compared to the other forms of siding materials such as wood and vinyl. This material is very durable. In addition to durability, it is resistant to peeling, cracking or even chilling. The clipboard made from fibre cement is thicker than that of vinyl claddings. This makes more resistant to damage caused by the sharp objects and strong winds.


Unlike both wood and vinyl alternatives, fibre siding is highly resistant to flame. This material is non-combustible. In fact, fibre cement siding is recommended for fire-rated constructions.

Can be painted

This material can be painted using any colour of your choice even if it is available in different colours. Additionally, it has an ability to hold the paint colour for a long time. Painting cannot work effectively with vinyl siding since it is subject to cracking and peeling within a short duration.

Resistant to selling and shrinking

This material is more resistant to swelling and shrinking which is caused by irregular changes in weather and temperature. Vinyl siding is likely to sag or bow due to high humidity levels. This makes fibre cement siding to be a good alternative in the areas experiencing with extreme weather.


This material can serve you for an extended period as compared to both wood and vinyl siding. In fact, it comes with a warranty of 50 years.